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What people say...

My clients have found the importance of feeling calm and in control of their emotions without turning to food.  My clients tell me I'm lovable but I am going to push you when you’re stuck. They take away the true value of putting themselves first, so they can be the best version of themselves.  Most importantly for them first--and then everyone else around them. Feel free to read their stories below!                        --Katie

I stumbled across Katie’s Facebook page by accident and was interested because I had miscarried and was looking to conceive again. I started using Katie’s affirmations and that very same month I was pregnant. This led me to thinking about working more long term with Katie. As a fellow coach, I was somewhat dubious at first about how much value another coach trained by the same organization could bring to me. I am so glad that I trusted my instincts to work with Katie because her perspectives, techniques and gentle stretching really were transformational. For me, Katie had just the right balance of professionalism and friendly support and love. Before working with Katie, I had burnt out at work and I was really struggling to regain my energy. I felt physically and emotionally drained, had done so for a long time, and was finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My concentration was poor, I was frequently having to take naps during the day and I felt constantly lackluster. All this was starting to affect my relationships too. Through working with Katie, I was able to make lots of little changes that made a big difference to my life. I started listening more to my body and letting go of guilt. I started nourishing myself more and I was able to be more flexible with myself. As a consequence, I no longer feel lethargic; my energy has improved drastically, and I feel I have some good tools to take forward with me in my new life with my baby. I have already recommended Katie to other people and I hope to be working with her again soon. - Jessica S.

My life has changed drastically; I thought I was just going to lose weight, but it is more than that. I had no idea what you put into your body affects just about everything you do; it affects your mood, the amount of energy you have, your sleep, the way you focus and the way you lose weight.


With Katie's coaching, I was able to lose 15 lbs. in three months, and I'm still losing weight. For the first time in thirty years, I not only lost weight but I lost inches and cellulite (those saddle bags). She also taught me how to put together excellent healthy nutritional meals and snacks that I've come to love. She always has great recipes and ideas on how to add zest to my food. I've started cooking healthier than before and have learned to take time for me.

Surprisingly I learned I felt trapped in my life and now I became empowered to take charge of me, and putting me first for the first time in sixty-two years. I enjoy what I’m eating instead of rushing through the meal. I also have come to appreciate my body and what I am putting into it. I always think now before I eat something instead of just ingesting food. Thanks to Katie I feel better about myself, I appreciate my body and enjoy the food choices I am making.                                                                                                                 - Anne Marie G.

Melissa C.

When I first started the reset cleanse, I was skeptical and dreading how much preparation went into it, but I persevered and was completely blown away with the results.


After 4 days, I lost weight and somehow felt lighter. I was feeling better, but my headaches from sugar and caffeine withdrawal were serious.


After 6 days or so, I felt amazing. My body felt great!


I've suffered from fibromyalgia for years and with this reset, I finally didn't feel the burning that I usually faced every night. I lost almost 10 pounds and had so much more energy and didn't need coffee and sugar like I was so terribly addicted to using to get by.


I was so blown away by the results. I now have changed my lifestyle and try to stick to the cleanse foods as much as possible. 

“I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Katie has a real gift for helping you to dig deep, find out what is holding you back, and create a plan of action to reach any and every goal you can imagine. She is a must-see, god-send health and nutrition coach who can and will help you change your life!                    - Amber I.

If I did not have the accountability and support from Katie, I would not be where I am today.  

I have experienced breakthroughs regarding old beliefs I once thought to be true, but are

no longer true to me.   During my sessions with Katie, I felt a change in my body-- relief of what was holding me back and I was able to experience transformation in my physiology -

I  let go of this tightness in my shoulders I was feeling.  I am a very strong and good person.  I am really inspired by her confidence.  It makes me so much more confident.  Katie is a role model.  After the session I thought to myself, damn, this girls is a beast in coaching.  I am

not addicted to drinking coffee and smoking anymore, which means I can do it but simply

can live without doing it!   -Sofya G.

Katie is an inspiring coach to work with. She and I did coaching exchanges and Katie was consummate in her knowledge, skill and expertise in working with my issues. Katie was compassionate

while being knowledgeable about how to coach me further so

that I could succeed. Her personal experiences in life

coupled with her wisdom really showed up for me! - RF

Katie has a real passion for her clients. She offers great options to fit any need.- Elaine B.

If you won't take it from them... take it from Eleanor:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt


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